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Shinkendo in Basel

What is Shinkendo


Shinkendo (Shin (真) = real, ken (劍) = sword and dō (道) = way), the real way of the sword, is a traditional Japanese sword fighting art from feudal Japan and was founded by Kaiso Toshishiro Obata. It encompasses the holistic method of samurai sword fighting and is characterized as a martial art that requires mastery of the «sharp weapon» (KATANA).


Training structure


The training is based on the Gorin-Goho-Gogy system:

  1. Suburi: Swinging the sword, footwork, body movements, sword technique and the 10 basic sword methods.

  2. Battoho: The method of sword drawing and sheathing out of and in all directions.

  3. Tanrengata: These are individual forms which are composed of Suburi-Sets. Footwork, body movements, turning movements, hip rotations and circular movements are practiced here.

  4. Tachiuchi: Is sparring (fight) and reflects the real duel. The sense of harmony, timing, distance, rhythm, discipline and speed is practiced.

  5. Tameshigiri: Is the test cutting. The use of a sharp weapon. The right cutting angle, the perfect grip, coordination and accuracy are practiced.


Shinkendo at Dynamic Sports Basel and in Switzerland


Josef Sturm Sensei is the chief instructor for Shinkendo in Switzerland and a direct student of Obata Toshishiro Kaiso. Marc Schaffner Sensei is deputy chief instructor in Switzerland.

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