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Dynamic Sports Rules

Mission statement Dynamic Sports

Dynamic Sports offers its members competent and versatile training. Our goal is to make members go beyond themselves and to promote every level. From beginners to professionals, we train together with respect and understanding for each other. We are a team and support each other. Stronger members look after weaker ones and adjust fighting style and intensity in each case. Stronger members always try to challenge themselves and the other person.  Beginners learn to rise above themselves. Martial arts is a school of life where we learn and live discipline, respect, loyalty, perseverance, friendship, team spirit, and mental and physical strength.


Dojo Rules

Before training

Before each training session, our feet must be washed, finger and toenails trimmed back, jewelry and piercings removed or taped. We generally show up on time for training, otherwise we give a short notice to the trainer before the training.


During training

We are clean and hygienic in training, training clothes are freshly washed. Equipment is in good condition and freshly cleaned.

We have a towel with us so that we can wipe our sweat regularly and clean the floor if necessary.



Expressing respect to the instructors and the trainees is an essential part of martial arts. Upon entering the dojo, we greet the training facility with a small bow. Before each training session begins, we greet each other in the traditional manner (depending on the martial art). Also, before each practice or sparring session with a new partner, we bow to each other and begin with a handshake to signal to each other that we are ready. Saying goodbye when changing partners. Respectful interaction with each other includes respect for religious, political, sexual and other personal attitudes. Everyone is equal within the club. In the dojo we are all Dynamic Sports, all provide a pleasant atmosphere and support each other and encourage each other in personal development.



Training moves the mind and body and therefore should be done with seriousness. Also as a prevention against injuries we always want to work concentrated. Jokes and chats strengthen the team spirit and have their place after the training.



We are loyal to the club and to each other.



We value everyone's achievements and support each other to make progress.



Self-control is important throughout training and especially during sparring. However, martial arts is and always will be a martial sport. Nevertheless, the dojo is not a place where aggression is let out uncontrolled. Self-control is our goal. No one should get hurt in sparring! This is not a real fight, but fight preparation.


Injury prevention

Warming up is one of the most important elements of a training and must be done completely at the beginning of every training. Everybody warms up according to his/her possibilities and makes sure that enough stretching has been done.


Order and cleanliness

Martial arts is strenuous and we sweat a lot. Injuries with blood loss can also occur. It is important that blood stains are cleaned up immediately by the bleeding person (if able - otherwise causer) and that we take care of cleanliness in the dojo together. Pads and other training utensils must always be neatly stowed in their place. Borrowed material (boxing gloves, foot protection etc.) must be cleaned after each use, disinfected and put on the heater or on the edge to dry. Dry material will be stored neatly.


Violation of the Dojo Rules

If a member violates the dojo rules, this can result in exclusion from the training sessions and from the club. The member will not receive any financial claim against Dynamic Sports.


Subscription / Membership




  • All subscriptions are annual subscriptions. They renew automatically at the end of the period.

  • If no renewal is desired, the subscription must be cancelled at least 1 month before the automatic renewal.


  • For the Annual Payment payment option, the full amount is due upon subscription. For the Monthly Payment option, the amount is divided by 12 and is due monthly.

  • The following payment options are available: Invoice, Twint, credit card, cash payment (only for annual subscriptions and starter package).

  • For the cash payment option, contact responsible parties immediately regarding payment.

  • In case of the invoice option, the customer will receive an e-mail with the invoice including payment slip to the e-mail address provided to Sportsnow. Only this payment slip and the information on it are to be used for the payment.

  • In case of the monthly payment option, the customer will receive a monthly e-mail with the invoice including the payment slip. Only this payment slip and the information on it are to be used for payment. Each month the current payment slip of that month must be used, please no standing orders.

  • The member must check that the payments are working correctly and in case of any problems contact immediately a responsible person of Dynamic Sports.

  • In case of delayed payments, contact must also be made immediately and a solution will be sought together.

  • Non-payment of the subscription may lead to exclusion from the training until the required payments are settled. The financial claim against the member remains.


  • If a member is unable to attend training for an extended period of time during the subscription period, the member may request a timestop in advance.

  • The request will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the responsible people and may be granted or denied.

  • Vacations are no reason for a timestop

  • The timestop is a goodwill gesture by Dynamic Sports and not an entitlement.

  • If the timestop is granted, the subscription will either be paused or allowed to continue and the time to be paused will be added to the end of the subscription.

Vacations / renovation work

The gym can be closed for a maximum of four weeks per year, if this should be necessary for company vacations or renovation work. The subscription will continue as normal during this time.


Every member is aware that we practice martial arts with all its risks and benefits. The sport must be practiced with the necessary seriousness for self-protection and for the protection of the training partners.

Every member and every training participant is responsible for knowing his own health and abilities.

Dynamic Sports does not assume any liability in case of damage of any kind.

Dynamic Sports assumes no liability in case of theft.



Competition Team

The Dynamic Sports Competition Team is the squad of Dynamic Sports. It is for competitors, aspirants and especially motivated members. Competition Team members receive special support in preparing for competitions and achieving their goals.

Members of the Competition Team can benefit from certain advantages such as special subscriptions, special training offers, special equipment and more.

These benefits are a gesture of respect from Dynamic Sports to its competitors and they may or may not be freely given, at the discretion of Dynamic Sports.

A Dynamic Sports member can be appointed as a member of the competition team at the invitation of the Dynamic Sports management. Prerequisites are always regular training and commitment.

With our regulations we want to create a positive environment for everyone and live out the joy of the sport together. If you have any questions about the rules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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