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Muay Thai: Thai Boxing in Basel

Thai Boxing: The National Sport of Thailand

According to some sources, Thai boxing dates back to 1560, when King Naresuan of Siam was in Burmese captivity. He was guaranteed freedom if he could defeat the Burmese champions in a fight. The king succeeded and Thai boxing became the national sport. Alternatively, there is also a second theory, which is based on the fact that during archaeological excavations evidence was found that the indigenous people of Thailand already knew Muay Thai-like techniques. In any case, it is safe to say that Muay Thai evolved from the ancient martial arts of Thai soldiers.


The advantages of Thai Boxing

Thai boxing is an excellent complement to fitness and strength training. It trains agility, speed, power and of course mental strength. Our classes are mixed, which means that both martial arts novices and experienced are welcome here.
Thai boxing training combines endurance training, agility training and martial arts techniques. Training is always done in groups; some exercises are practiced in pairs. The focus is on learning the specific techniques, but also on improving endurance and fitness.


Thai boxing at Dynamic Sports Basel

Thai boxing is also taught in kickboxing training at Dynamic Sports Basel. The best techniques and aspects from both sports are combined.

Feel free to drop by for a test training, you will find us at Winkelriedplatz 2 in Basel.

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