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Kickboxing and Martial Arts training for children in Basel

In martial arts in general and especially in children's kickboxing, the children are encouraged and trained in the areas of self-confidence, discipline, respect, team spirit and body control, whereby fun and games should not be neglected.


The children learn all the important kickboxing techniques from an early age and their physical conditioning gets improved. This focused training is loosened up from time to time by fun games, where the kids can laugh and let off steam. The children's thirst for action is guided in a positive way through the training and at the same time their ability to concentrate is promoted. The kickboxing training gives the children joy in movement, which most of them miss out on in todays digitalized world.


Especially for our little ones, we therefore offer separate training and courses for kids and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 15.


Even with the children, the grading is carried out according to the DAN / KYU system and those who feel like it can already prove themselves and get a belt.


Take a look at a trial training session in our dojo in Basel, we look forward to meeting you!

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