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Boxing in Basel

The history and modern Boxing

Boxing is a very traditional form of fighting and has been practiced in various forms for centuries, if not millennia. Over time, new rules and safety measures were added. From 1892 on the first boxing gloves were used for boxing. After the Second World War, many new rules were added, which were primarily intended to protect boxers who were battered or who had fallen to the ground. The boxing gloves used also went through an enormous change over the years as they improved drastically. The 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis were the first modern games to allow boxing as an Olympic discipline.


Boxing and training

Boxing training has also changed enormously over time. In the past, training was mostly done without training equipment and consisted mostly of sparring sessions. Modern boxing training is much more balanced and specialized. Today not only strength is trained, but also endurance, coordination, stamina and footwork. Training on the punching bag has also become one of the most popular training methods in modern times.


Boxing at Dynamic Sports Basel

At Dynamic Sport Basel, we particularly value balanced training. From beginners to competitors there are offers for everyone. Stop by, we look forward to meeting you.

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