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MMA in Basel

What is MMA

MMA is a relatively young martial art that involves both standing and ground fighting. Although the sport is still young, it originated around 700 BC in the Olympic sport of Pankration, which was a mixture of boxing and wrestling.

Today, MMA is more popular than ever and is often considered one of the most effective combat sports, as MMA fighters master both the fight in the stand as well as positions in the clinch and ground fighting.


Your MMA Training at Dynamic Sports Basel

Our MMA training is divided into different sections that are taught on different days. The areas include wrestling for ground fighting, sambo as a combination of standing and ground fighting as well as for Grappling and submissions, stand up training for MMA tailored fighting in the stand, and MMA training as a combination of everything.


If you are interested, you are welcome to sign up for a free trial training. The trial training is of course without obligation and free of charge. We look forward to your visit in our Gym at the

Winkelriedplatz 2 in Basel.

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